Relatives and Neighbors of Pikas

Relatives and Friendly Neighbors

Many people are surprised to find out that pikas are related to rabbits and hares rather than mice or guinea pigs. Rabbits, hares and pikas are all members of the scientific order lagomorpha.

Snowshoe hare at Crater Lake, CO

Snowshoe hare is a cousin.

In the pika neighborhood there may be ground squirrels, ptarmigans, mountain goats and mountain sheep.

Golden mantled ground squirrel who lives near Bodie, CA
This golden mantled ground squirrel stuffed twigs and sticks under Farley the Pika's haypile, while Farley piled the top high with grass and flowers.

Ptarmigan in summer colors

Ptarmigan in summer colors

Goats at Loveland Pass, CO

Goat Girls

There are sure to be marmots living next door to the pikas. Pikas and marmots worry about the same predators. They squeal or whistle warning signs among each other.

Margarita surprised Howard  on top of Mt. Harvard, CO.

Margarita is always ready to whistle.

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