Pikas will not be protected yet !

Lenny is Hot and Disappointed!

Lenny may be getting too hot, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is not ready to protect him yet.





Pikas Denied Protection

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided not to protect pikas.  Google “pikas”, “pika protection” or “pikas not endangered” to read all about the decision which was handed down at the end of January. You can read the February 5th Wildlife Service press release here. The whole report was published in the Federal Register on January 29, 2010. The Center for Biological Diversity which was one of the groups that originally requested consideration of protection released their own statement in response.

Pikas are Extremely Cute

No matter what you may think about the need to protect the pikas, there is no question in anybody's mind who has ever laid eyes on them that they are the cutest animals in the world. Here is a pika I met a few years ago. Her name is Aster

Great New Pika Book  

Pika: Life in the Rocks is a super little book with the most phenomenal pika pictures that you can imagine.  It was written by Tannis Bill with photographs by Jim Jacobson both of whom live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  It is officially designed for kids 5 – 7 years old but it is suitable for anyone from 5 to 105.  If you like pikas, you must see it.  I ordered mine from Amazon.com.

Pika Conference for Scientists  

The Conservation Research Center of Teton Science Schools is sponsoring the 1st North American Pika Conference in Jackson, Wyoming on March 25-27, 2010.  Dr. Erik Beever will be among the invited guest speakers.  See the details here.

Reports of Pika Sitings

Eve Lednicky in California reported: “I wanted to give you an update of my most recent pika sightings.  Last week (late September) my husband and I were in the eastern Sierra for our annual fall camping trip. After hiking (and pausing) by several spots that looked like possible pika habitat with no luck, we were finally rewarded with a couple of quick looks at my favorite wild animal. First we got a pretty good look at one on the way to Lamarck Lakes in Bishop Canyon. It posed for us briefly and gave a couple of chirps. The next day we were on a very well-used trail in Rock Creek Canyon and a pika scampered into the rocks just off the trail as I walked by. I was so happy to see them. Of course we sat and waited for a while, but both times they stayed in hiding. Last year we never had the luck to see one, so it was especially nice to know they are still out there, although struggling.”

Johnny B. in Oregon said “I was bow hunting up in old Bohemia city, an old mining ghost town in the Bohemia saddle 35 miles east of Cottage grove. Took me a little research to find out what they were. The ones we saw were as big as our feet almost, so cute too, glad my daughters weren't there, LOL.”

 Miscellaneous Pika Talk

Barbara Wilson in Colorado and her sister came up with what they think pikas are saying.  Read this out loud and hear the pika.  “Look at meeeee.   No one is as cute as meeeeeee.  World revolves around meeeeee.  Come to meeeee (mom to babies).”

Pika Works on Facebook

I have started a Pika Works page on Facebook.  I’ll try to keep up to date with postings there but .  Become a fan.

We Need to Take Action Every Day

We all need to take steps every day to slow down our rapid gobbling up of the earth's resources. Perhaps the youngest generation will work hard in that direction. Recently Emma, a 5th grader from Calgary in Canada, wrote to me requesting permission to use some of my images in her science project. She sent me her report poster and I was delighted to see that she included a long list of the many things all of us can do to preserve our world and all it's inhabitants. Thanks Emma for leading your generation in the right direction.

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