For Pika Enthusiasts Only!

Are you a pika nut?

If pikas really tickle your fancy, like they do ours, the pikas would like to put you on their Pika Enthusiasts' E-mail List. There is no charge. On an occasional and irregular basis you will receive the following by e-mail:

  • Previews of new photos, cards, and products
  • Announcements of new info on our Web site
  • Reminders of upcoming card occasions
  • Special offers
  • New pika links
  • Pika opportunities
  • Inside scoops and pika reports

The pikas won't pester you.
They will just keep in touch when there is something they are pretty sure you would like to know. But they need your permission. Sign up today!

I'm a pika enthusiast. I'll sign up.

Detail from "Singing Pikas" by Joan MacKenzie
The pikas are happy about your enthusiasm!
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